Takeaway menu Sunday 31st May

Please see Sunday’s menu below.

You can order online via the takeaway and delivery button in the bar on our home page or via the following link

Thank you all so much for your support it’s been very humbling. We are following strict guidelines and safety to ensure we are delivering this great value food to you in the best possible way.

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20 thoughts on “Takeaway menu Sunday 31st May”

  1. Brian Lawrence says:

    Great idea but cannot get a connection to anybody

    1. Fox Admin says:

      Hi Brian.
      We start delivery’s tomorrow.
      Please call us on 01962 461302 or email us @

  2. Joss Goulder says:

    Great resourceful idea to run this take-out service – hope it proves to be successful.

    Incidentally I’d booked a room with you for the night of 4th April – I paid £149 on 17/02/20. Will I be getting a refund?

    1. Fox Admin says:

      Good afternoon Joss
      Thank you for your support.
      Yes you will receive a refund for you booking in due course.
      We hope to welcome you to The Fox in the near future.
      Kind regards
      Team Fox.

  3. Philip says:

    Look forward to the family menu and the sunday roast. I will keep an eye out for it.

    We live in Andover – but i am sure it will be fine to collect and get back.

    Hope you all stay safe.

    1. Fox Admin says:

      Many thanks for your support our menu’s will be published shortly.

  4. Anne says:

    Your menu is saying pizzas for Wednesday and Thursday, can you tell me please if I can order other food of your menu as or just pizzas on the two days ??

    1. Fox Admin says:

      Good evening.
      It is just our Pizza’s to order on Wednesday and Thursday.
      We will post Friday’s menu tomorrow.
      Many thanks.

  5. Jim Hill says:


    Was wondering when the Sat and Sun menus will be posted? I know they came out quite early last week, but maybe that was a one off. 🙂



    1. Fox Admin says:

      Good morning these are now published.
      Thank you. Team Fox.

  6. Brian Lawrence says:

    Really enjoyed our Pizza s delivered to the door and the fish and chips on Friday was even better.
    Can you tell us if and when the ‘food’ boxes will be available?
    Warmest regards

    Brian and Jeanette Lawrence

  7. Bernadette Cole says:

    Why do you not have roast chicken on your Sunday lunch menu? I’m sure it would be popular

    1. Fox Admin says:

      Thank you for your request.
      This has been passed on to our management team for discussion.
      Kind regards
      Team Fox.

  8. Louise says:

    Your pizzas are amazing, especially the fishy one! Thank you for offering this service. You saved me from having to cook on my 50th birthday!

    1. Fox Admin says:

      Thank you for your valued feedback. We are glad we could help.
      Happy Belated Birthday from Team Fox.

  9. Wendy Willett says:

    Great pizzas delivered to us on good Friday. Thank you

  10. Graham Kelly says:

    The Goan prawn curry last night was delicious and the whole process could not have been easier. Many thanks to you all. We have always sung your praises and will continue to do so.

  11. Brian says:

    On today’s menu please which items are dairy free?

    1. Fox Admin says:

      Hi Brian.
      Thank you for your message
      Please call us directly to discuss any dietary requirements.
      Warmest regards Team Fox.

  12. Ingrid Bond says:

    Wow! We have just enjoyed the most delicious lamb roast together with a huge variety of perfectly cooked vegetables,
    Thanks you to Team Fox

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